The value of our homes continues to go up. Last year, they did not go up by much, but we did better than Sharpstown and Robindell. The number of people of person moving out went down as only three homes were up for sale last year.

This year, the board and, hopefully, the residents intend to work toward making our homes more attractive by keeping the front yard free of junk and debris. In a few months, those persons who cannot or will not maintain a clean yard will start getting letters. Last year, the board voted to fine people who failed to do so $50 a day.

If you have not paid your assessments, please do so; this year, we will start legal action to enforce the payment of the mandatory assessments.

January Chase 2024 Statement – Chase 1.31.2024 Statement

All of the Chase Statements for the last two years can be found here: Chase Bank Statements – BRAEBURN GLEN



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